About Erica 

I am born and raised in San Diego, CA and have always had aspirations to own a business that helped others but did not know where to start. I am a big believer in coaching and surrounding myself with individuals who are focused on personal growth so in 2016, I hired my own life coach to help me become unstuck and become clear on my what I wanted in my life. During my coaching, I was encouraged to ask myself the difficult questions about what it is I truly wanted in life. Through my coaching process, I was taught to listen to my heart for the answers and not listen to my head. Through this process I was able to receive many answers to the many questions I had and became more congruent and inline with my life's purpose. I had gained so much insight through my own personal coaching, I became inspired to help other's achieve their own goals by teaching others how to not make decisions in fear, but in harmony with themselves.  With the goal in mind to help artists, designers, and entrepreneurs sustain themselves off their passions and create a life that they want Dusty Dawn Consulting was born.

In 2017 I became certified as an Integrative Wellness Life Coach so I can help entrepreneurs grow their business AND help them learn how to overcome their fear and make choices based on their heart's desires. Not only do I have a passion for art, I also business and helping people flourish in their personal life. Providing support, knowledge, and accountability, I am able to help people achieve their art business goals and teach them how to make professional and personal decisions that are congruent with their dreams, and aspirations.

With each new client brings new adventures and new opportunities to learn and grow so I may fine tune my skills to help people of all backgrounds. I have a passion for helping others and enjoy seeing someone’s creative vision come to life. I am a student of life always and forever and I thrive when I am able to share tools, tips, and exercises that have helped me. I enjoy helping my clients realize their true potential, true value, and true worth to themselves.