Smart Goal Setting

SMART goals are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound goals that are crucial to knowing, understanding, and achieving success in business. Setting goals are crucial to a business owner because without having goals in mind, a business owner cannot know how they want to build, develop, and grow their business. Goal setting is such an important aspect to building a business and yet it can be one of the most stressful aspects of owning a business. Dusty Dawn Consulting has mastered a way to help people set big goals and achieve them. We have found a way to help people break down their goals into manageable daily tasks. With a customized action plan based off your specific goals, we will help prioritize and stay focused on what matters most. When people find themselves not being able to achieve everything simultaneously fear, stress, and negativity become abundant and the person may give up because everything starts to become overwhelming.

Business Basics, Business Plans, EPKs, & Websites


Are you having difficulty creating a Business Plan, Electronic Press Kit or website for your online portfolio so you are able to maximize the marketing of your talents or get a loan from a bank or investor? Here at Dusty Dawn Consulting we will help you create a business plan, EPK and website that will help gather your art, product, or service out into a professional plan or press kit so you will feel comfortable showcasing your brand to professionals in your industry. We will provide you with professional referrals to help you create contracts, business finances, and business entities. No matter what kind of creative entrepreneur you are, Dusty Dawn Consulting can help you create a professional package for you to showcase your talents and start turning your dreams into reality.

Cohesive Branding and Marketing 

For an artist to market themselves successfully, he or she must be able to share their story through effective branding and marketing campaigns. The secret to successful sales of your services or art is the ability for people to recognize your work through cohesive branding. Branding is more than logos. Building your brand identity as a creative entrepreneur means being able to tell your story through many different forms of marketing. Whether you want to get your products in retail stores, increase your on-line sales, display your work in art exhibitions, and much more, we are able to provide guidance, resources, and techniques to help you tell your story so you may get your message out to the public and increase your sales. 

Business Systems for Sales 

Dusty Dawn Consulting will help you create business systems so you are able to effectively delegate daily tasks to your team members so you may concentrate on more important duties. Creating and implementing systems creates a working environment that is more organized, runs smoothly and efficiently. Any part of a business can be created into a system, which gives everyone clear instructions on how different aspects of the business operations should properly be done to your specifications. We can help you create organizational systems for your on-line stores, live events, and customer relationships management. Dusty Dawn Consulting is a company who believes in making business efficient, fun, and systemized because when there are clear directions on how something should be done, less mistakes are likely to occur. The most successful businesses are systems dependent, not people dependent. 


Dusty Dawn Consulting is a company who wants to help people achieve their professional and personal goals by being an accountability partner. It is a proven fact, people achieve more when they have an accountability partner and Dusty Dawn Consulting is here to help our clients grow their business and provide encouragement and support. We understand that writing down goals and achieving goals are two completely different things. Our accountability program is comprised of weekly meetings with our clients to see what progress has been made or not made, to find out what is working and what is not working, and offer solutions to tasks that need to be adjusted to help our clients continue to grow. Dusty Dawn Consulting is there for our clients because their success is our success. Creating and growing a business is a difficult thing to do, and that is why we have created our business to help others be accountable to their goals and dreams.