Dusty Dawn Consulting

Dusty Dawn Consulting's goal is to help creative entrepreneurs reach their professional and personal goals in all areas of their life using an integrative approach. We help you navigate the business aspect of selling your art and so you may build, grow, and expand your professional and personal life to as big as you can dream. Using effective exercises, tools, and resources, you will have the ability to create the life and business you have always wanted. 

Our consulting programs are catered to each of our client’s needs because we know every person doesn’t come to us from the same starting point. What is best for my client is what is best for me. I spend time upfront ensuring our clients are comfortable and that we are a "fit" before proceeding. We customize our comprehensive and integrative business consulting programs to best serve your desired needs and wants. We believe in a collaborative effort and have a variety of resources for you to help build, grow, and produce the results you want out of your professional and personal life.  

With growth mindset exercises, SMART goal setting, creating and implementing marketing campaigns and systems, accountability assistance, and business planning, we provide support and encouragement to help our clients achieve their goals and dreams. Every person is different and works best in different ways, which is why Dusty Dawn Consulting is not a one-program company. We develop customized marketing and office systems based on the industry you are in, how you work best, and what of kind of accountability and consulting you want. Building businesses and achieving goals is extremely hard work, and with Dusty Dawn Consulting by your side to encourage, support and keep you accountable, you will create the business and life you have always wanted.